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This grilling season is now becoming sustainable in Germany with multilever as a strategic partner of CasusGrill™, the innovative, sustainable BBQ without aluminum. Handy, easy to grill in 5 minutes.

With the aim of contributing to sustainability and environmental compatibility, today we introduce our new innovative product CasusGrill™. This disposable grill is made exclusively from sustainable materials, is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The product includes all materials including bamboo charcoal briquettes and Quick Oxylite™ quick lighter, so there are no limits to your grilling experience. You can use the grill anywhere with a clear conscience environmentally conscious.




The multiple award winning product

The CasusGrill™ is composed of untreated bamboo, insulating lightweight lava rock and a sturdy cardboard frame. Using the Quick Oxylite™ grill lighter and bamboo charcoal briquettes, the grill achieves a consistently high temperature over 60 minutes for excellent, crispy grilling results. We didn’t lose sight of safety, either: the exteriors are heat-insulated, so you can touch the contraption with bare hands without worry!

After enjoying, you do not have to worry about the disposal of the BBQ-grill, this can be done through the normal household waste or in the campfire. The grill decomposes almost completely in nature and leaves no trace, except for the special lava rock. The lava rock is used by nurseries and gardeners as a soil conditioner and is therefore harmless to return to nature.

The CasusGrill™ can be used all year round in warm and even cold temperatures down to -10°C.


The advantages for humans and the environment
  • No iron or aluminum, which can take up to 200 years to fully degrade
  • Thermal insulation – for reduced temperature on the outside of the grill
  • Made of natural materials – charcoal, lava rock, bamboo and cardboard
  • All materials are biodegradable except the lava stone
  • High uniform temperature for excellent grilling results
  • Reduced CO2 emissions due to reduced use of charcoal
  • Disposed of in the campfire, the grill leaves no waste behind
  • Quick Oxylite™ ready to grill in 5 minutes
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Grill time approx. 60 minutes

This product not only contributes to sustainability, but also provides healthy fun. Do you have any further questions? Contact us, the strategic partner for CasusGrill™ in Germany!


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