multilever will present the latest bestsellers from its own product range at the 122nd Markant Handelsforum at the Karlsruhe trade fair from Sep. 14th to 15th, 2022 in the action hall at booth A110B. The Markant Handelsforum will be held on site again for the first time after a break due to the pandemic.

On both days of the event, there will be the opportunity for exclusive purchasing and sales-related technical discussions as well as contact cultivation away from day-to-day business, as well as the product innovation forum. As part of the trade forum with around 300 exhibitors, multilever will present the latest innovative and sustainable products from its own range to the trade audience. Among them are fast movers such as:


One new product is Waatr, the self-disinfecting drinking bottle, a bestseller from the U.S. multilever's CEO Markus Nonnenmacher was already able to accept the GERMAN Innovation Award 2022 in gold for this product in May of this year. In the USA, the product already caused a sensation last year. Now multilever is exclusive partner for Waatr and brings the successful products to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Knister Grill

The ultra-compact grill has already won several awards, including the RedDot Design Award or the ISPO Award. Knister Grill is already one of the best-selling grills from 100% German production and has already been presented to an enthusiastic audience of millions on TV.

Heimatdünger & Hofdünger

Regionality and transparency is the megatrend in sourcing sustainable products. Multilever will present the new sustainable fertilizers Heimatdünger and Hofdünger 100% from Germany at the trade forum. No more delivery problems, fast and reliable German quality and availability. The fertilizer products provide green thumbs without chemical additives and are perfectly suited for the growing trend market of nature-conscious hobby gardeners.


The sustainable disposable grill Casus Grill offers grilling pleasure without remorse. The best-selling disposable grill made of 100% natural materials is guaranteed free of aluminum and plastic. Casus Grill is making its way into the trade like wildfire and is selling exceptionally well, especially in the mass takeaway segment.


With Larelle you offer the perfect solution in the field of cosmetics to reconcile sustainability and personal care. The Larelle organic absorbent cotton is made from 100% certified and genetically unmodified organic cotton. The products of the body care series are also 100% vegan and absolutely free of chemical additives and plastics.

cable salad

Sustainability in digital products is a new product line direction at multilever. With cable salad and recable, multilever now also carries repairable USB cables made of sustainable materials. The products from multilever focus on the megatrend towards sustainability. Less waste for a future worth living.


All disposable - and then eco? A ban on single-use plastic tableware came into force in mid-2021. By using only FSC-certified and sustainable materials, Ökolution's products do not fall under the single-use plastic regulation. Through the innovative production process, Ökolution offers top quality with high stability and resistance to heat, moisture and mechanical stress.

And of course there are many more exciting products ... and a surprise for everyone who comes to our multilever booth.

Our managing director, Markus Nonnenmacher, will also be on site. It is best to contact us here in advance for a personal appointment with him. We are looking forward to talking to you!

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