Athleisure – “Athletic” and “Leisure Wear” still on trend

The “athletic leisure wear” market is one of 12 product trends in 2021. The trending products on this list are items with the highest gross merchandise value and total number of orders. Continue here for inspiration of potential product ideas for retailers via Shopify.

New product with Melonades from Cologne startup

Fruity refreshment with vitamins: Melonades and Lemonades Launch on 2021/16/08. Kraftling, the Cologne-based startup with freshly squeezed, functional shots and juices, is now bringing out a summer drink for fruity refreshment with vitamins (400ml): Melonades and Lemonades. They are still lemonade based, as well as brand new melon based, with vitamins C and D. Melonades […]

Svenja Hagedorn

The products of Just Vegan convince in the kitchen with quality at a good price. This makes cooking fun and with a sustainable feeling.

Josefina Laut

For those who want to participate in the promotion of sustainability: A very nice alternative to the conventional kitchen products. Perfect for everyday use and a great step in the right direction in this day and age.

Erwin Winter

The Just Vegan pans are very convincing. I use them every day and no longer want to miss these from my kitchen. And for the lazy people (including me), you can simply put the pans in the dishwasher, so the washing up is also no longer necessary.

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